Mamoru Kawaguchi


Academic Career

1955  Graduated from the University of Fukui

1957  Degree of M.Eng. at the University of Tokyo

1960  Lecturer at Hosei University (Tokyo)

1962  Associate Professor at Hosei University

1966  Degree of Dr.Eng. at the University of Tokyo

1972  Professor at Hosei University

1997  Honorary Dr.Eng. by the University of Stuttgart

1998  Honorary Dr.Eng. by the Slovak University of Technology (Bratislava)

2003  Honorary Professor at Hosei University

Academic Works

Numbers of papers have been presented in the fields of shells, latticed space structures, tension structures, base-isolated structure and structural design philosophy.


1971  Design Examples of Space Structure (in Japanese),

          Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd.

1975  Suspended Structures (in Japanese), Corona Publishing Co., Ltd.

1982  Introduction to Architecture (in Japanese), Shokokusha Publishing Co., Ltd.

1990  Mechanism of Building Structures (in Japanese),

          Shokokusha Publishing Co., Ltd.

1994  Structural Perspectives (Bilingual in English & Japanese),

          AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan)

1995  Felix Candela (in Japanese), TOTO Publishing

2002  The Structures of Eduardo Torroja (in Japanese), Sagami-Shobo

Academic/Professional Memberships

AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan), Executive Member

JIA (The Japan Institute of Architects)

JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers)

JSCA (Japan Structural Consultants Association)

JSSC (Japanese Society of Steel Construction)

IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering)

IASS (International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures), President (1990-1991, 2000-2006)

Academic Activities

Chairman of AIJ Structural Design Committee

Executive organizing member of the following international symposia held in Japan:

    IASS Pacific Symposium - Tokyo, Kyoto, Oct. 1971

    IASS Symposium - Osaka, Sep. 1986

    Seiken - IASS Symposium - Tokyo, Oct. 1993

    Int. Symposium on Innovative Architecture in Asia, Osaka, Oct. 1996

Member of the organizers or scientific committees of number of international conferences held abroad.

Writer of the following recommendations:

    Analysis, Design & Realization of Space Frames, IASS, 1984

    IASS Recommendations for Air-Supported Structures, 1985

Recommendations for Design of Cable Structures, AIJ 1994


1970  Ministry of Science & Technology Award,

          for the design of pneumatic structures

1970  AIJ Award, for the Space Frame at Expo’70

1983  AIJ Award, for a series of works in spatial structures

1990  Quaternario Venezia, for Sant Jordi Sports Palace in Barcelona

1991  Gengo Matsui Award, for Sant Jordi Sports Palace in Barcelona

1993  IASS Tsuboi Prize (The Best Paper in IASS Bulletin for 1992)

1993  Special Pioneer’s Award (University of Surrey, UK)

1995  JSCE Award, for Inachus Bridge

1995  IABSE International Award (Structural Design & Philosophy)

1995  Hiroshima Town Planning Design Grand-Prix, for A.CITY Hills & Towers

1996  AIJ Annual Architectural Design Commendation, for Inachus Bridge

1997  AIJ Award, for Sun Dome Fukui

2001  IASS Eduardo Torroja Medal

2003  JSCA Award, for the Structural Design of Ceramic Park MINO

2005  JSCE Design Award, for Inachus Bridge

2006  BCS Prize, for Onishi Hall

2008  JSSI (The Japan Society of Seismic Isolation) Award, for Ceramic Park MINO


1995  Architecture of the Year in Japan (Nov. 1995)

1995  Contemporary Development in Design Science, Buckminster Fuller

          Centennial Exhibit, New York (Nov. 1995 - Apr. 1996)

1996  Building for the Future, Istanbul (Jun. 1996)

1997  Engineers of the Century, Pompidou Centre, Paris (Jul.-Sep. 1997)

2009  Mamoru Kawaguchi-Structural Engineer, Innovation and Tradition

          in Structural Design, IASS2009, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

          (Sep.-Nov. 2009)