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Company Overview

April 5, 1964
Business outline
Structural design and consulting, Invention and research of structures.
  • RC163
  • Steel62
  • Timber4
  • Seismic10
  • Box framed56
  • Isolation / Control4
  • Hybrid36
  • Cable3
  • Pantadome8
  • Membrane9
  • Bridge4
  • Tower5
  • Others162

Chief Engineer Yushi Aso

Engaged Projects

1989Singapore Indoor Stadium (Pantadome)
1989Flower Expo Display Hall
1990Kitakyushu International Conference Center
1991Kyoto Concert Hall
1992Sant Jordi Sports Palace (Pantadome)
1993Tochigi Green Stadium
1995Sun Dome Fukui (Pantadome)
2002Genome Tower
2004Shenzhen Cultural Center
2005Onishi Hall
2008Hyugashi Station
2008Kochi Station
2010Asahikawa Station
2013Yoyogi Olympic Stadium (Checking for Seismic Safety and General Plans for Seismic Reinforcement)
2014Sanoshi New City Hall (Base Isolation)


2005JSSI Award, for Ceramic Park MINO
2006BCS Prize, for Onishi Hall
2008Japan Structural Design Award, for Hyugashi Station
Genome Tower
Hyugashi Station
Kochi Station

  Minoru Matsui

Engaged Projects

2004Tianjin Museum
2007Xativa Bullring
2008Yong-Le Bridge
2008Gateway bridge of Futtsu
2009Misato Kenwa Hospital (Base Isolation)
2010Kurobane Junior High School
2012Tianjin Tower
2012The Houses of Parliament for Georgia
2013Office Building of Shizuoka Water Department
2014Shiiki Hall, Kyushu University
2017Saidaiji Christ Church
2017Imabarishi City Hall (Checking for Seismic Safety)
Xativa Bullring
Yong-Le Bridge
Saidaiji Christ Church

  Ken'ichi Kawaguchi

Engaged Projects

1991Tension Truss Dome Annex on Roof Floor
2000Festival Float Storage for Uchimachi, Mashiko
2001White Rhino I
2001New Building #2 for department of engineering of the University of Tokyo
2017White Rhino II
Tension Truss Dome Annex on Roof Floor
Festival Float Storage for Uchimachi, Mashiko
White Rhino I
New Building #2 for department of engineering of the University of Tokyo
White Rhino II